In the words of Usher, "There's always that one person that will always have your heart/you never see it coming 'cause you're blinded from the start/ know that you're that one for me/ it's clear for everyone to see/ oh baby, you will always be my BOO"
A guy sees his beautiful girlfriend and exclaims,"That's my boo right there!"
by how2bclassy101 August 14, 2006
1. To disagree w/ ones comments. To show shock of a comment.
2. A nickname used to call a loved one
1. Boo!!! Aww no you didn't just say that!!
2. You know you're my Boo, baby I love you.
by Ms. V September 26, 2005
A term of endearment African Americans use when referring to each other. It is derived from the word jigaboo and used mostly by black females when speaking to black males.
Black chick talking to either her:

1.) Fatherless son: "Ay, boo. Time for bed.

2.) Boyfriend: "Ay, boo. When do'ya get outta prison?"

3.) Girlfriends: "It's nice to be chillin' with my boos."
by Tim Jerome March 16, 2008
A truncation of the term "boojum" used in the movie "Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!"which was based on the very humorous novel by Max Shulman. In the novel, Max used the word poontang shortened to poon. In 1958, poontang was not acceptable on screen; thus the substitute word boojum which had no prior meaninng and thus seemed neutral.
Army Private: "When we get to town, I'm gonna get me some Boo."
by Ludovico January 02, 2007
Extremely unattractive, fugly, a dog.

Rhymes with moose
Did you see that fat chick? Damn, she is boos!
by Stiggity October 13, 2005
you say it when you are upset about somethin but not like crying upset, like if your on msn n sum 1 goes i dont like you messing about youd go boo
hannah:hey you still coming out today
chloe:no sorry i cant
hannah:oh boo
by hannah April 04, 2005
Julia's word
person 1: "aww boo"
Julia: "wrong, Julia's word"
by Julia0828 November 10, 2008

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