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Noun; Person who hates Sentai and loves Power Rangers
-Sentai is gay
-You fuckin' zyuray
by dirtymilk December 23, 2003
A person obsessed with the slutty singer, Britney Spears (A Fucking Moron -- go to and search for the flash movie: Your Are A Fucking Moron 8 for reason.)

A Fat Fucking Mexican, who lives in New York and needs to lose weight.

A Drug User who smokes shit and afterwards sticks it up his ass. An owner of a Britney 49-inch Playdoll (his fuck toy).

Owner of a Power Rangers Website and Forum ( -- A dark freelance forum where chaos dominates. All members there are 40 yr. old men/fags who all look like fucking special-ed, resource students; likes talking act like their tough.

A WWE FAN. Likes playing heel and face sometimes.
I'm gonna act nice for a month. Face turn (good guy) from heel (bad guy). How gay eh?
by Shh.. January 23, 2004
And idiot who just LOVEs to rip ppl of their momeny but don't do anything about fixing his behaviour......
pay $2 and get the following for unlimtied amount instert your crap
by Just guess it damn it February 24, 2004
Bastard that won't fork over enough money to support a good cause.
Person 1: Oh man, the homeless shelter is gonna close down without any funding.

Person 2: Don't look at me, dude.

Person 1: You're such a fucking zyuray!
by Techni March 13, 2004
The equivelant to a newbie in Socom2.
I just killed a zyuray,
by PANTOCRATOR December 30, 2003
A god among insects.
You are zyuray. Never let anyone tell you differently.
by cholo December 25, 2003
A Mexican Santa.
Dude you look like zyuray!
by burn January 04, 2004
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