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Arabic/Persian origin. Popular muslim female first name in Middle East and South Asia. It means: guiding light.
not required.
by Zunaira June 15, 2004
Persian origin, meaning 'flower in heaven.' Is also mostly embellished by parents to mean 'necklace of pearls', though it is often debated! A Pakistani girl who is quite interesting and has a good sense of humor, and specializes in being an anti-salesperson.
Zunaira may or may not be a Persian princess. Jury is still out on that one.
by justinisawesome January 28, 2013
a funny, smart and exotic middle eastern girl, with a hilarious sense of humor shes chill and sometimes clueless
Where the hell did zunaira go?!
by asdfghjk9086 January 30, 2013
A obsessive-compulsive woman who over analyzes every social situation. Gets angry very easily and usually comes from a large family. Sometimes has loose lips, and loves getting revenge on people. Does not let go of anything and loves to put others in incriminating situations.
Woman 1: Can you believe that she told my mother about my new boyfriend? What's she going to say to me? What if my life is over? Oh no, my life is over!
Woman 2: Calm down, you're being a Zunaira. Everything will be just fine.
by concernedcitizenz May 03, 2008
A middle-aged woman from Pakistani origin who possesses a strange mental disorder that prevents her from living in a normal, sane way.
Thank God I am not zunaira.
by roomiat January 04, 2008
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