By far the greatest store there is for skaters punks and anyone who enjoys a new look. In no way are preps aloud.
Prep: Zumiez is gay.

Skater: I'll kick your a*s!


Lets go to Zumiez!!!
by lala nicole July 18, 2008
the un-gay not for the richasses version of north shore
"I just got this from north shore and only paid 190 bucks"
"I got the same shit from zumiez! and paid 30 rich dumb ass."
by The Dickey March 15, 2003
the coolest store on the face of this earth!
I want cool clothes, I'm gonna go buy some from Zumiez
by Krissy Kaos December 20, 2009
Kick ass store. The best for getting any clothes, hats, beanies, shoes, skateboards, snowboards, etc., etc. MUCH better than pac sun. pac sun is a huge poser of zumiez. will never be as good. big seller of following brands: volcom, burton, forum, holden, dragon, freeworld, special blend, hurley, DC, emerica, etnies, circa, vans, adio, grenade gloves, spy optics, electric optics, zoo york, darkstar, baker, enjoi, flip, ATM blanks, almost, element, mystery, plan B, think, toy machine, zero, alibi, etc. etc.
Dude, I gotta get this kickass zoo york deck from zumiez.
by David J. M. June 24, 2006

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