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A lady who is in a confused state of mind. This comes along with a bad attitude, weird face twitches and split-ends. Also someone who normally loves the colors red and white with a splash of glitter.
(name) you are being so ZUGLY right now.

You're being rude, you need to quit that ZUGLY life.
by jkloljk April 03, 2014
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Zugly is when someone is so ugly that when u look at them it sorta has a little knock out gas from there B.O...and so you sorta fall asleep and then u wake up and then u fall asleep again cuzz u see the zugly girl or guy
Guy : There is a guy over there on the ground and he is laying next to a girl that is zugly

Dude : yeah dude dont you know what zugly girls do to you....if you look at them they make you go into a deep sleep cuzz no one can handle to look at them

Guy: omg im staying away from that guy or is it a girl ...''IT'' is so ugly i dont know what sex it is
by Ashley warden May 16, 2005

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