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exclamation of wonder, surprise,delight,etc.
Zowie! a surprise birthday party.
by Casey Marble November 06, 2003
A right filthy girl in bed and a crazy drinker. Has random house parties where people get evicted the following week. Dominating and will destroy anyone who dares test her power!!
Zowie will show you a good time in the sack but look her directly in the eye and she'll kill you!
by Skivercf1985 March 25, 2009
The sound that is made when Batman hits someone.
Batman hits someone, "ZOWIE"
by jason November 20, 2003
An expression of shock, or disbelief.
1: Zowie! That dog just bit my penis off! Please call a doctor!

by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
a word that perverted old men aka, coots use when seeing a hot chick stone ridge girls or visitation girls. don't use this word - it's ickypoo.
old man: zowie! look at that girl. didn't make um like that when i wuz a boy.
girl: eww! perv! i'm calling the police!
by minderella January 09, 2005
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