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exclamation of wonder, surprise,delight,etc.
Zowie! a surprise birthday party.
by Casey Marble November 06, 2003
A right filthy girl in bed and a crazy drinker. Has random house parties where people get evicted the following week. Dominating and will destroy anyone who dares test her power!!
Zowie will show you a good time in the sack but look her directly in the eye and she'll kill you!
by Skivercf1985 March 25, 2009
An expression of shock, or disbelief.
1: Zowie! That dog just bit my penis off! Please call a doctor!

by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
The sound that is made when Batman hits someone.
Batman hits someone, "ZOWIE"
by jason November 20, 2003
a word that perverted old men aka, coots use when seeing a hot chick stone ridge girls or visitation girls. don't use this word - it's ickypoo.
old man: zowie! look at that girl. didn't make um like that when i wuz a boy.
girl: eww! perv! i'm calling the police!
by minderella January 09, 2005