Top Definition
1. A p.i.m.p.
2. Mayor Bloomberg's identical cousin
3. Another word for a joint
1. Nigga you look like a zornberg with that suit.
2. Yo Bloomberg!
3. Wanna go smoke a zornberg after school?
by AndrewandJames August 30, 2004
A nudist colonist.
a rather odd man with a huge pair of trousers.
a teacher.
mayor bloombergs grandpa.
new dorps # 1 teacher.
a blunt or philly.
a fine rolled cigar made of 100% columbian cocaine mixed with 30% of India's finest elephant tobacco.
a great smoke.
yo u wanna smoke a zornberg after class tomorro?
yo i got a six pound zornberg.
man zornbergs are the shizzzat/
i want some pornrows and pornbread along wit dis zornberg.
by honey drew August 31, 2004
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