Someone who is manly. Usually very strong and "rugged". Mostly the kind of person you see enlisted in the army, the guy that never talks and just works out and trains all day. Zori's usually typically eat meat and drink any type of hard liquor.
Wow, look at this Zori's body.
by Jonny L. May 24, 2006
Top Definition
(n) A sandal that consists of a rubber sole held on by a strip of rubber that passes between the big toe and the adjacent toe; also called flipflop. The word is Japanese in origin.
It's okay to wear zoris on the beach, but you shouldn't wear them to school.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
Bright Like Neon.
Someone who wears bright clothes.
Wow, look at my bright clothes,I am Zori.
by Mr.Dictionary2010 February 06, 2010

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