The Demon of all Demons. If you see it, Run For Your Life!
The Zorgon is coming, Run For Your Lives!
by Nima December 04, 2004
Top Definition
Noun. Generally a white person with dreads. This person often wears birkenstocks, can be seen longboarding, or chilling. Alpha zorgons are zorgons who operate on the next level, often wearing top hats, flowy pants, arcteryx jackets, and feathers and hair wraps.
That chick from 4 Non Blondes might be the queen of all zorgons.
by zorgon defense initiative February 12, 2011
Every woman carries baggage from a zorgon sooner or later.
Remote and distant lizard being thinly disguised as a human, that shows no emotion while being very emo all day long. Craves world domination and secretly lives in an anime cartoon world.

Defense mechanisms: acid spit and mind control
Don't eat me MR ZORGON!

RUN! it's a full fledged ZORGON alert!

Once a zorgon, always a Zorgon.

Ladies, you can't change a Zorgon.

That Zorgon done gone broke her heart...

That Zorgon ate my baby!!!

Sector 4 is riddled with zorgons, we must reroute!
by hennerman January 17, 2010
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