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A object used for snorting pills/cocaine/anything you put up your nose. Part of straw, dollar bill (not usually called a zooter), pen, plastic tampon piece etc. Usually something one who does drugs regularly keeps on them.
"Bro, let me use your zooter to blow that roxy."
by hippiechick813 February 08, 2010
18 5
An older usually piece of shit Japanese vehicle that is a 4 cylinder and gets great mpg besides being beat to hell and back.
Hey Dave I gotta go to welfare office can we take your caddy? No fuck that man let's take the zooter
by Atlas89 May 23, 2011
5 8
Someone who eats lots of xanax bars.
Wake up you fuckin zooter its not even midnight yet!
by stoopidlungs November 07, 2010
8 12
A man's penis.
dat bitch got da zooter in her mouff!
by kelsey riopelle February 06, 2011
2 11
Red bull and vodka mixed as a drink.
Bartender: What can I get you?
Patron: A zooter.
by Ronald Ryan August 11, 2006
3 42