A object used for snorting pills/cocaine/anything you put up your nose. Part of straw, dollar bill (not usually called a zooter), pen, plastic tampon piece etc. Usually something one who does drugs regularly keeps on them.
"Bro, let me use your zooter to blow that roxy."
by hippiechick813 February 08, 2010
Someone who eats lots of xanax bars.
Wake up you fuckin zooter its not even midnight yet!
by stoopidlungs November 07, 2010
An older usually piece of shit Japanese vehicle that is a 4 cylinder and gets great mpg besides being beat to hell and back.
Hey Dave I gotta go to welfare office can we take your caddy? No fuck that man let's take the zooter
by Atlas89 May 23, 2011
Red bull and vodka mixed as a drink.
Bartender: What can I get you?
Patron: A zooter.
by Ronald Ryan August 11, 2006
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