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1) To be so under the influence of cocaine that one becomes paranoid and forgets where they are.

2) To be so affected by the effects of cocaine that one forgets nights past activites.
1) I'm so zooted. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
2) Dude I got so zooted last night... Where are my pants.
by Rachel Horowitz April 21, 2007
21 59
being so f*cking high/drunk the only words you can say are nigga im zooted..
refer to top
by tom January 12, 2004
2339 581
to be just so fucked up that ur brain is completely unfunctional for a certain period of time.
Nigga im so zooted
by Kavoen November 05, 2006
1220 564
when you smoke so much weed you are beyond the point of stoned and the possibilty of vomiting is very real
Ohhhh shit, I shouldn't have taken that last bong Rip! I'm sooo fuckin' Zooted!
by Tony Reno September 11, 2003
881 557
1. To be so f*cked up beyond belief.
2. Very intoxicated/high.
3. To feel very good because the side-effects of certain substances.
-I was so zooted last night I dont remember doing that fat chick.
-That blunt got me so zooted.
by FreeTrial4DeatH June 06, 2007
539 342
to smoke weed to the point of being way past complety stoned
jacob, i'm zooted man..
by mastadoja September 30, 2003
454 292
In Other Words Im Mad HIGH.
You Zooted? Hell Yea Nigga.
by Colombiano186 February 20, 2008
329 202
When you smoke marijuana and you are high as a mo'fcka.
Damn dog, I just smoked this blunt and im completely zooted.
by Big Perm February 10, 2003
253 218