if someone does something stupid or dumb, or just a general word to use instead of using their name
-Yo sup zoombini?
-gees, ur such a zoombini!
by Alex Christa May 05, 2006
The name of the characters of the game "The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis" from the 90's that was freakin' awesome.

They're mortal enemies, the Fleens, were everywhere.

The Zoombinis made me smarter!
by Senor Fleen August 26, 2009
a cute character from the computer game know as Zoombini... a game thati used to play..
also can be used as a term of endearment...
they look like ribenas
i love you , you zoombini
oh ur such a zoombini

hurry up zoombini!!!!!
by muzzette greek girl May 07, 2006
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