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1) small creature found in the earths oceans..
2) another word for cool or sucks
-thats pretty cool- thats pretty zoo plankton
-that sucks! thats zoo plankton!
This word was re-invented for use as a completely random and useless word. why use zoo-plankton? well as before it serves a completely random word and it is also fun to say. This word was fist used this way in Simi Valley California in 2008, yes i realize it may be hard to tell the difference between if someone is saying something is bad or good but thats all the for the fun of the word just try to listen to there expressions and tone..
by Mike Bingham March 16, 2008
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zooplankton is plankton found in a zoo.
today, i went to the san diego zoo and saw some zooplankton!
by transcend123 June 06, 2009
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