When you're so stoned that you're just completely out of it
"After the fourth blunt Jeremy was totally zonked"
by K wala September 14, 2014
To do so much LSD (Acid) consecutively that you reach a point were you are a shell of your former self, completely devoid of personality and life, you have no reaction to any kind of stimulus. You are dead, but alive... You are Zonked.
Man I'm afraid this next time I trip I'm just gonna be like "Zonk" and then gone.. no more, just a shell.. completely zonked out of reality
by QP0N August 16, 2010
Realization of past, outlandish actions and deeds to others without remorse that cause grief and despair, leading to depression, lackadaisical wonderment, career limitations, loss of respect and guilt.
Byline in some newspaper:"Phillip Smith, one time magnanimous and egotistic General Manager of Company X, was seen in a zonked stupor, out on his lawn, late at night, with little clothing, openly drooling and rambling gibberish fueled statements that include "I am still the boss" and "my calves are big, why arent I"? His wife was seen pleading with neighbors to call the local authorities.
by shfpdx May 11, 2012
somebody that is in a stupor from either drugs or alcohol but they try to go to work/ school and act normal. its really funny to watch them pretending to be sober....
WHOA!! Look at joe... hes totally zonked....
Hammered beyond insanity. Smashed to the point of death.
B1: That dude just passed out on my couch!
B2: He's so zonked!
by Blue-J May 17, 2006
to intoxicate or render senseless with drugs or alcohol
man am i zonked, dude he is so zonked, lets go get zonked
by Joey Tretick December 22, 2003
drunk, stoned, high, tripping, spacing,

When u have used multiple drugs literally or not, when u definitly dont have ur 2 feet on the ground
Im zonked for life

damn that guy is zonked
by Dizzy May 02, 2003
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