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League of Legends jargon that represents champion(s) who can "zone" the enemy champion(s) in a lane. This means that the zoner is too much of a threat for the opposing champion to last hit minions, thereby forcing the enemy to miss out on experience and gold.
Udyr is a strong zoner in top lane due to his tankiness and harassing potential.
by BSMIncentive February 12, 2012
8 10
Derogatory term for a resident of Arizona. Zoners are known to frequently visit southern california (specifically San Diego) and be confused by road networks that are not in a perfect grid-like pattern.
Holy Shit! That Zoner is driving on the wrong side of the street!
by kevintheomanharris April 28, 2007
60 20
It's like a boner you get in your sleep.
I woke up with a zzzzzzoner.
by turdmasterdarren January 22, 2012
2 8
The term for the condition caused by one's zipper curling to look like a boner. Can occur by a fly zipper or a sweatshirt zipper.
You got a banana in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?
Shut up, it's just a zoner.
by Zhoom45 December 26, 2010
12 23
A zipper boner.
Jill: omg do u have a boner?!
Sam: no its my zipper I swear! Its a zoner, not a boner!!
by chicken fagina August 19, 2009
5 21
a boner you get in the middle of class when you stop paying attention and let your mind wander
-Can you come up to the board and write your answer?
-Oh, uhhh. I can't
-why not?
-well i was just daydreaming and now i have a pretty stark zoner.
by The Arsenator October 16, 2009
7 25
Combination of zipper and boner
When your zipper forms into a boner like way
giving you a zoner.
When turned at a 69 degree angle zoners are quite likely

Satchel: woah you look like you have a total woody right now, your bulge is pultruding
Jon Donners: no i don't have a dick, thats just my zoner
by JohnPhillipDonners January 23, 2009
14 33