Acronym: Zebra Oh My God.
ZOMG - Got chatted up by a sheep farmer that groped me something awful.
by normzy12 March 06, 2011
Zeus owned my geodude (acording to the flash version of portal).
ZOMG dang.
by silver9621 October 22, 2009
OMG with added Z
"ZOMG! John Barrowman in drag!"
by Galadriel1010 August 10, 2009
Zebras On My Grandma
ZOMG! That's trippy!
by HelplessDancer March 28, 2009
zebras, oh my god.
Fab: Did you know they have new pokemon toys in toys r us?!?

A variant of OMG but a little stronger and louder.
Guy1: ZOMG i totly pwned u!
Guy2 Watz ZOMG evn meen?
Guy1: Itz like teh OMG to teh third powwa
Guy2" Dont u meen cubed?
Guy1: No man i mean to teh third powwa
by Jpaq May 05, 2008
ZOMG - Zoh My God
From the original slang of "OMG"
Usually used by 'bin rats' and people that have the urge to add 'Z's' everywhere.
ZOMG! Look at the size of that taipan!
by Scene Wannabes xx April 03, 2010

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