A more enthusiastic (if not sarcastic) way of saying OMG. The Z doesn't stand for anything, but rather is added onto the O, thus making it pronounced "ZOH MY GOD!!1"
I have to tell you something. I have canc-ZOMG A SHINY NEW PENNEY!
by pseudonym psteve June 11, 2005
A variation of OMG. The 'Z' stands for "zombies". Thus ZOMG is an expression of shock used when one sees a lot of zombies.
"Oh shit, it's the living dead!"
by Scott L.R. April 15, 2007
An awsome version of OMG. Usually used to mock the people who use the term "OMG" every other sentance.
ZOMG Lets Go Get Some Shoes!
by Freaky Kayla Person January 06, 2007
It is a a version of omg that mocks it, being that you can accidentaly hit the z key when trying to hit the right shift key fp OMG, from there it developed into an accronym to mock the entire online/l33t language
person 1: OMG i just raped a lvl 21
person 2: ZOMG STFU NOOB!!!
by andrew m June 17, 2006
Zebras Out Munching Grass.
Hey, look, ZOMG!
by LucidGuardian February 09, 2010
Zebras On My Grandma
ZOMG! That's trippy!
by HelplessDancer March 28, 2009
Zombie Oh My God!
ZOMG,the zombies are after me!!!
by meoff119 March 04, 2009
Differing opinions exist on this subject... many believe it to mean "oh my god" and just to be another varient...

However a select few have been chosen to know the truth behind the phenominon...

For the truth is.. zomg actually mean "Zombies on my genitalia"
ZoMg it hurts tbh...
ZOMG u suck...
by Teh zombie clones of Argon XII August 27, 2008

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