A more enthusiastic (if not sarcastic) way of saying OMG. The Z doesn't stand for anything, but rather is added onto the O, thus making it pronounced "ZOH MY GOD!!1"
I have to tell you something. I have canc-ZOMG A SHINY NEW PENNEY!
by pseudonym psteve June 11, 2005
Started randomly by me on a forum after wanting to have a signature phrase.

Only later did I realize it wasn't unique.

Now it's starting to actually being said aloud, pronounced "Zoh-My-Gosh".

Most people presume it's "God", but it diffrentiates ZOMG a bit more from OMG.
Paul: Zoh My Gosh! That girl's hot!

Zach: You're a nerd, you just said 'ZOMG!' out loud. You'll never get her.

Paul: Yeah...better go back to online dating.
by Katsuro January 14, 2006
Comes from omg; however, players in world of warcraft got tired screaming omg (o-m-g) thus the "z" apeared making the world of warcraft players very happy: zoh-my-god!!!
zomg i got fucking ninjad!zomg
by Vanillabeast September 10, 2006
Coming from starcraft where people used to say ''Zergling rush omg!'' and turned into ZOMG because people are just really really lazy.
ZOMG U no0b n0 zERG ruShs alwed!11
by Fobdo May 26, 2006
OMG, but in zombie form
him: OMFG
her: ?
him: A zombie bit me, l337!
her: lol
him: ZOMG
her: kekekeke
by joh3n January 27, 2005
Refering to OMG, Oh my god. Added a Z for no particular reason.
ZOMG you rock!1onene
by Konrow September 19, 2005
zomg means the same as omg but with a sarcastic twist. obviously sarcastic doesn't start with z but Jacob and Logan like to think it does.
zomg Ms. O'Sullivan is hott.
by Ghetto Sheep March 08, 2005
ZOMG is OMG with a sarcastic twist. Logan and Jacob were really tired and nothing made sense so they said ZOMG (a typo at the time) was OMG but sarcastic
zomg that ugly bitch is hott.
by Ghetto SHeep March 07, 2005
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