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A love that you thought you buried, shanked, and killed, but it won't fucking die and resurrects at random moments in a horrible, gruesome way. Forever.
"I still love him, Renee! I thought I had forgotten about him forever ago, but it's zombie love!"
by marah08 October 07, 2011
Like puppy love, this type of love is an undying passion and love of any one person or thing in which you cannot get thinking about them out of your head because of how much you just can't live without them.
Jean has Zombie Love for Breanna because he never stops talking about how he can't live without her.
by WrenaByrd July 10, 2012
Extremely slow coitus.
I met an Italian man, and we made zombie love in this truck.
by the corpser in the rye December 04, 2013
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