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An exclamation of surpise or shock originating on Matt Groening's 'Futurama' animated TV show as a futuristic equivalent of the modern usage of 'Jesus Christ' as an exclamation. Usually preceded by the words 'sweet' or 'holy'.
"Sweet zombie Jesus!"
by Christopher Reynolds May 13, 2005
Jesus, after he rose from the dead, as stated in Cyanide and Happiness. Easter is "Zombie Jesus Day."
Teacher: Two weeks after he was crucified, Jesus rose from the dead.
Student: Oh, so he was Zombie Jesus?
by rutabega234 April 04, 2010
Reoccurring character on the web site Character is a modified image of Jesus Christ that has been altered using applications available on an iPhone. Zombie Jesus is also referred to in posts where he does not actually appear.
"Did you see the post where Zombie Jesus is recruiting outside of the Olive Garden? Those guys are going to Hell!"
by Rhett Dangler April 04, 2010
Just plain jesus after he rose from the dead.
Mary Magdelane - Holy jesusfuckshits it's zombie jesus.
Romans - Get him!!!
Jesus - Later fools, he rises to heaven while saluting earth with a heavenly su-fi.
by suede1976 December 26, 2006
The zombified version of Jesus
"Holy Shit dude! I think i just saw Zombie Jesus go by"
by Sir Jesus H Christ January 20, 2005
Someone whom believes himself to be a reincarnation of Jesus. He helps others while draining himself and is pretty much a martyr. He's also a pretty awesome person when you get to know him.
Dude! Help me out Zombie Jesus!
by [The Real] Zombie Jesus October 14, 2008
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