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an institution which has a market worth of less than zero and is only able to operate with government guarantees; banks whose balance sheets are riddled with near-worthless investments; banks that cannot lend to credit-worthy customers
"(Government) should not be recapitalizing firms that should be shut down...(zombie banks) that made wrong decisions should fail."
#failed banks #valueless banks #potentially nationalized banks #ostensibly dead banks #zombie firms
by buddhamoondog February 20, 2009
a zombie bank is a bank that is insolvent, bankrupt, that has no money or future, yet still operates because it hides its bad assets, or toxic assets, from the populace via accounting mischief. a bank that is a corporation that allegedly cannot die because a corporation has a lifetime of infinity. a bank that is of the living dead, and the employees and investors of said failed corporation decide to make money by buying politicians and also through false media campaigns to make everyone believe that they are actually alive and thriving, when they should be buried, rather than being allowed to continue to walk the earth and turn the rest of humanity into zombies, as well
zombie bank - all the top banks of the world. all of them.
#zombies #bank #living #dead #end
by kroovyandcal August 10, 2010
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