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a phrase and hand gesture used by the geeks in bubble wrap in the movie "Dude Wheres My Car"
I love when we do the zoltan gesture.
by Ohman February 06, 2006
Zoltán Hungarian masculine first name.One of the most popular names in Hungary.
It's an ancient Hungarian name.It means king,princeps.
Name days: 8th March

23rd June

Also known as: Zolta ,Solt ,Zsolt.

Famous Zoltáns:Zoltán Kammerer

Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Gera
My name is Zoltán Tóth.
by Micimackó October 21, 2009
1) zoltan is a mythical person that is everyones best mate however no known actual sighting has ever been confirmed

2) zoltan is a term loosely used to describe a random, unforeseen event or comment on a hilarity or precarious situation.
jaysar bank zoltan glory
by muztek June 12, 2005
straight, really cool, ballin
-Andrew is a little bitch
-I know seriously, fool can't get a girl
-Actually I think hes gay
by ballllller March 29, 2008
an act, story, gesture that is deemed uncool. Also, a tally of said acts, stories, gestures. If one person recieves five in 24 hours, they must go home, no matter where they are.
"So I went down to the store, and tooootally bought 2 gallons of milk. That's so much milk, right?"
"Dude, zoltan. That's five, you have to go home."
"But we're on a bus!"
"Doesn't matter, get off, and go home"
by Kyle Doeden October 04, 2006
a word used to expresses or state the action of farting
joe, "ZOLTAN!!" jim, "dude u suck, o it smells"

jim, "dude i totaly zoltaned back in the hallway," jim,"i thought i smelled something"
by azn in da atlza July 31, 2005
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