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Used in movies, a zolly is where you dolly a shot in the reverse direction and same speed of a zoom, creating the illusion in such movies as Vertigo when Jimmy Stewart looks down the staircase, Jaws when Roy Sheider sees a shark out in the ocean, and even The Mask when Jim Carey first sees Cameron Diaz... it's also being used in every goddamn student film ever made because the kids like to throw in shit that they can do, regardless of whether or not it has any contribution to the plot/symbolism/emotion of characters in their piece. YOU STUPID KIDS.
Wow, nice zolly shot... oh look, another one!... and another one! this really draws the emotion out of your suicide piece.
#zolly #zooly #zawly #zally #zohly
by DougYoung February 13, 2009
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