Zoids are metallic life forms used for war or competition.Zoids usually take on animal form and have cockpits that people can get into and control them.Zoid cores are the true heart of a zoid and if the zoid core is destroyed the zoid turns to stone.There are also organoids,which are miniature zoids that can fuse with larger zoids and enhance their performance.Zoid Eve is the life force behind all zoids and if she dies all zoids will draw their last breath.
The Raynos is flying zoid.
by Jacob of Tel Aviv November 01, 2003
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Zoids are battle suits, half mechanic and half animal. It takes the form of a giant robot (surprise, surprise) and battle, using lasers, ammunition, and just plain biting and scratching. People pilots can control their zoid using the Command System, but that doesn't necissarily mean the zoid would prefer to. Some rare zoids have a "Black Box" or, in reference to the Anime series Zoids Guardian Force or Zoids Chaos Century, an Organoid. Organoids are used to boost power.
Zoids are currently common in four animes: (In time order) Zoids Chaotic Century, Zoids Guardian Force, Zoids Century Zero, then Zoids Fuziors. They appear as games, and a short manga.
"This Zoid is a Red Blade Liger."
"The organoid is merging with the Zoid!"
"His piloting ability of his zoid is... amazing!"
zoned out, daydreaming, usually occurs from smoking large amounts of marijuana
Sorry dude, I was totally zoided out!

by H2disciple September 20, 2006
v. to stare aimlessly at a no spot in particular with the aim of relaxing the mind and forgetting the stresses of the moment. Particularly effective if done to slow, noninvasive, yet rhythmic music.
"I can't believe I'm pregnant. I think I'm gonna be sick just thinking about it. Oh, and my hamster died."
"Let's just zoid a while to Coldplay. You'll feel better when we're done."
by redgyul February 18, 2005
Zoid can be conjugated or used as a noun. ie: One who zoids is a zoid. The act of zoiding is to fall alseep, regardless of one's environment. An ultimate zoid can fall alseep at a Who concert. Lightweights often zoid at parties. An eternal zoid is one who has passed away.
Man, what a lightweight! Dude f!@#ing zoided out behind my land yacht and missed half the boogie!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 05, 2004
A person who attains technical savvy by playing video games.

Basically the opposite of a geek in that a geek has technical savvy therefore they enjoy complex RPG PC games. The zoid enjoyed the game and developed a knowledge of advanced configurations of the game in order to further his/her skills, or just to "zoid-out" and impress other zoids.
If he knows how to tunnel IPX through TCP in order to play classic PC games then he is a zoid.
by 18WpnsofKungFu December 05, 2003
A compulsory net addict, that is aware of their internet/computer addiction,
but does not care about the negatives.
A zoid is a net addict, zoiding whatever keeps them,
whether it's an eventual addiction to file transferring, online gaming, downloading materials, pornography, programming, security & hacking, operating systems, sleep deprivation, different mediums of chat/IM, eBay, forums, email, web design/master & blogging, their desks, etc.
by hiways August 01, 2004

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