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got away with a killing spree back in the 70's. VERY mysterious figure. we might never know the truth about who he was. Really messed up individual and probably has inspired many killings in the post zodiac era.
elusive psycho from the 70's whom got away with murders.

The zodiac killer has slapped or nations authorities in the face by killing 6+ people, leaving clues, and getting away with it.

by jaimeq43 January 04, 2006
what ted cruz was as a young man.

ted cruz
Hey, did you hear that the zodiac killer is running for president?!
Republican Senator from Texas that enjoys green eggs and ham. Answers to 'Lying Ted'. Managed the impressive feat of killing multiple victims 2 years before being born. Very punchable face. Possible dark lord of the Sith.
"If I am elected Zodiac Killer, we will repeal every word of Obamacare"
by CLEGANEBOWL July 04, 2016
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