The nice guy down the street. Acts simple minded, but is actually pretty smart. Party animal at time, and other times quiet and a romantic.
Zach: "Hey Tim, wanna go to a party tonight?"
Tim: "Heck yeah. Party like it's 1969!"
Zach: "Dude, you're such a zlatan"

Lily: "He introduced himself to me, and he was so sweety and nice. He's such a romantic"
Sarah: "He sounds like a real zlatan. You're so lucky"
by Thatoneguy23 August 12, 2010
zlatan is defined in the oxford english dictionary as "arrogance of the highest order" or simply a person with their head so far up their own arse they can sniff what they had for dinner. If used in the wrong way you may be thought of as a right jeb-end.
LLoyd-"hey man im boss at everthing"
Ali(to Tom)"hey isn't lloyd such a zlatan"

Goz(to Ali)-"have you seen lloyd recently?"
Ali(to Goz)-"no but he's being a right zlatan at the moment"
Goz(to Ali)-"what a twat"

by gozalnug January 20, 2009

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