A cool lighter that flips open and can stay lit
zippo lighter lighter, like a bic but stays lit w/o holding down.
by pntbl November 29, 2007
The act of accidentally sending a message to the wrong person or group
"Well that was a pretty major zippo--I just sent my boss the text I meant to send my girlfriend."
by exstock October 14, 2015
An overpriced supposedly "windproof" lighter made in Bradford, PA which is sold primarily overseas due to the fact that every American either doesn't smoke cigarettes or has a box of them that they inherited from their grandfather or uncle. Employees of Zippo are among the highest paid factory workers in Bradford and if you're lucky enough to get employed then you're trapped in the seventh circle of eternal damnation because they know that you're adapted money-making lifestyle can't afford to leave, thus allowing the Satan-Nazi management and HR to screw you over however and whenever they feel fit, which is usually on a daily basis. If you do escape, however, you're left with a empty shell of sanity and a really bad case of carpel-tunnel in both arms.
My friends that work at Zippo all drive new cars but work mandatory overtime 7 days a week and get laid off every 3 months.
by Mr Pukka March 03, 2009
An expensive, yet piece of shit brand o lighters whos fuel constantly runs out and is hard to stay lit. Pure style over substance.

That and you cant use them to smoke weed.
Sure, Zippos are cool looking and are harder to blow out then lets say, Bics but they suck.
by Arm February 16, 2006
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