nick name for any guy who is smart a** but can be a good person
You are so Zion, 1 minute your a jerk and the next your being nice.
by Jackio Bob July 07, 2010
a male with a very very very large set of penis and balls. The coolest male you will ever meet. Very talented.
I want zion to get inside of me
by The Incredible Chuck Norris July 09, 2009
A total weirdo freak living in Catonsville. He thinks he is a ghetto ass wigger so he goes to Arbutus and loves to talk to people with eccentric names like "Tuesday" and "Tabatha". Also converses with Random Ass Guys.
"Z" gurl ill shank the ho
"T"gurl i will get deltries on you!
"Z"gurl dont make me rip out you weave gurl
"T"BItch i will fuck you up gurl
"Z" gurl stop trifuling

Random Ass Guy "Nigga Wassup!"
Zion "Nothin! Wassup ma Homenigga!"
RAG "Nigga ma ho be skankin up ma room on friday!"
Zion "What that bitch do again! I told u she was a ho"
RAG "Well, turns out she hass balls! Who knew!"
Zion "Me!"
RAG "Bitch!"
by Bitchtard75 December 30, 2011
Fat piece of shit that nobody loves
a Fagit is a zion
by dveil73 February 29, 2012
main city in the films "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded", plus any aditional Matrix films released.
"if the war ended today, zion is where the party would be"
by John Servo June 10, 2003
What my friends and i call "ghetto city USA"

a town full of creeps and weirdos. i'm seriously scared to call it home. most "normal" people can't wait to get out of this town. I don't blame them...
4th of July -zion firworks-

I don't mean to sound racist but....look around. what do you see?

hmm... african american kids running around with lit bottle rockets, others trying (and not succeding) to set of their own fireworks and nearly blowing their heads off, and unwed teenage mothers with their noisy munchkins.
by MANDi panda July 14, 2006
Ghetto town in Northeast Illinois where even the Police is corrupted.
Hey mack you better make some trouble in this prison unless you want to return to zion.
by JOEz83 October 01, 2003
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