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Some where far...out of reach
Man this guy wants me to drive all the way to zion for a bitch
by dearborn1 February 16, 2005
A tall hot looking person. a Zion is very sweet and loving. A Zion is the type you can take home to your parents and they'll love Zion. Zion is the type that you can look at and never take your eyes off, cause the of the beauty, and the gorgeousness. for Girl Zions:The type with a fine body like damn, she look skinny as fuck but when she turn around she got a big booty in tha back!?
Guy Zions: the type with a body building abs you cant resist and the guy you cant help but showing him off.
Guy 1:Dang bro check that chick out, she's HOT.
Guy 2: Damn, holy Fuck that must be a Zion.

"i wish i could take home a Zion"
"good thing i have me a Zion"

"bruh have you ever smoked you some Zion= (have you ever had you some Zion"
" Yeah man, im intoxicated with that type"
by #swagmastah get lyke meh October 01, 2011
1. A town in northeastern Illinois that has inadequate train service since 1982. You were able to go from Zion to Milwaukee until 1971.Until 1963 you had two train routes to choose from: The North Shore Line, which is now a bike path and the Chicago & Northwestern where the Metra runs now.
2. A town in northeastern Illinois that takes away the fun stuff for everybody. Examples include the closing of the ice and roller rinks, the park district getting rid of the paddle boats in their infinite wisdom, the park district getting rid of the game room in the leisure center in their infinite wisdom, no more ice cream trucks since 1999 or 2000, and other stuff
3. A town in northeastern Illinois that cuts things short. Examples include the city pool closing at 6pm instead of 8 or 9, carnival shutting down at 10pm instead of 11pm starting this year, and recently, the 4th of July fireworks were only ten minutes long this year. The labor Day Parade might be next in being cut short this year. This might result in ZIon becoming a ghost town.
4. A town in northeastern Illinois where public transportation is cut off by 7pm.
5. a boring ass town
Colleen to Me: Pretty soon Zion might get cut off which means no more trains and busses to zion.

by Billsner July 24, 2008
a person or group of people with very large cocks who are often found banging chicks.
Chick A: OMG!!! Have u screwed that Zion yet??? he was huge!
Chick B: I know, all Zions are!!
by #983 January 27, 2009
A beast clan in Call Of Duty MW2 who owns everyone they play. They hunt in packs, but at time there are lone wolves who win in free for all. The clan originated with the original members of Samoa, then made its way to the Philippine Islands where the new breed of first person shooting games was born. They consist of many great members, including ZionsCutiepie, ZionsR2cute4u, ZionsStitch626, ZionsJerk, ZionsGhost, ZionsGanja408, ZionsNinja, ZionsAssasin, ZionsDunce, ZionsIraqi, and many more. For more information log onto zionsgaming.net
"Damn man!those zions keep spawn trapping us!theyr gnna get a nuke!take down the chopper!man zions are too goood"-members of the oj Clan

"those zions be quick scopin us all day!"-optic predator
by ZionsCutiepie August 13, 2010
nick name for any guy who is smart a** but can be a good person
You are so Zion, 1 minute your a jerk and the next your being nice.
by Jackio Bob July 07, 2010
A total weirdo freak living in Catonsville. He thinks he is a ghetto ass wigger so he goes to Arbutus and loves to talk to people with eccentric names like "Tuesday" and "Tabatha". Also converses with Random Ass Guys.
"Z" gurl ill shank the ho
"T"gurl i will get deltries on you!
"Z"gurl dont make me rip out you weave gurl
"T"BItch i will fuck you up gurl
"Z" gurl stop trifuling

Random Ass Guy "Nigga Wassup!"
Zion "Nothin! Wassup ma Homenigga!"
RAG "Nigga ma ho be skankin up ma room on friday!"
Zion "What that bitch do again! I told u she was a ho"
RAG "Well, turns out she hass balls! Who knew!"
Zion "Me!"
RAG "Bitch!"
by Bitchtard75 December 30, 2011