The longing for Zion of the Babylonian Hebrews was adopted as a metaphor by Christianized Black slaves. Thus, Zion symbolizes a longing, by wandering peoples, for a safe homeland. This could be a literal place such as in Ethiopia for Rastafarians for example. For others, it has taken on a more spiritual meaning—a safe spiritual homeland, like in heaven, or a kind of peace of mind in one's present life.
On the Road to Zion- Damien Marley
by Youngwun87 November 22, 2005
A sophisticated, smart young man. Not only is he smart, but he's sexy and sweet and can penetrate a girl with his huge dick . He is usually an African-American. He uses big words and has extremely correct grammar. One who is good at basketball and will one day be in the NBA. He's a kind, sweet, funny, sexy, and considerate guy. He's not a follower, nor a leader. Zion is pretty much the typical teen.
LeBron James, Barack Obama, Chuck Norris and Bill Jobs should all be named Zion
by theclutchthree October 08, 2013
A funny, weird, cool, cute guy who tries to keep as many friends as possible. He's the best guy friend or boyfriend you could ask for. He usually doesn't respond to texts right away because he usually busy or focused on his life at that moment to keep his friends and family happy. He's shy at first but give it a week of hanging out with him and he's your best friend. He gives great hugs and can make you laugh whenever or wherever. Zion is basically the perfect guy.
Guy 1: "Dude have you met that Zion guy, he's super real and cool."
Guy 2: "Yeah bro, he's so legit and funny."

Girl 1: "OMG Zion is so cute and hilarious!"
Girl 2: "I know even the cheerleaders are talking about him!"
by Official Barrack Obama January 04, 2015
Man that is good looking has nice eyes and a nice ass soft lips athletic
Dam that guy is so zion
by zion February 22, 2015
swagged out half black kid with a fro a monster athlete and a stud wingback he sits and observes in school but one day will have people observing his life because he's gonna make it!
Zion is the king of the world! follow his instagram @_king.z_
by kallmeyodaddy September 17, 2014
A piece of paper, usually a bar napkin, that is flared on one end, and wrapped tightly to form a fine point on the other end. The device is then used to gently stab or poke other people in an annoying an harassing manner, usually when they are in the middle of a conversation with another person. When the victim objects to the poking, the user is to exclaim, "That be Zion."
Victim: Why the fuck are you poking me with that!

User: That be Zion.
by lawboy October 07, 2013
An ape like animal, in which is most commonly found in the South African jungle. Known for it's crazy uncontrollable mane and demented monkey calls. Also, one of the worlds most unattractive mammals.
On our safari your, my family passed by a Zion and we all were very disgusted.
by Divaprincess June 06, 2014
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