Abbreviation for buzzing, when a person is happy with a situation.
by A.P.Cairns November 17, 2011
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means nothing... created at whrhs
"i really did"
"yea zins"
by mr h March 13, 2005
someone who loves butterflies, cupcakes, Faces, decorating, singing, Walking on Water, bows, all colors, and most importantly Jesus.
What a zinny!
by Zinnyface May 29, 2011
An unexplainable feeling/connection between two minds that brings the two to spark an unbelievable read. They are aloud to catch each others phrases in many ironic times. To be able to finish eachothers sentences..
"That car is going to crash.."

"..into that tree!"

(car crashes)
by JorDAN March 25, 2005
V. To mix a cleveland steamer and a cherry pie and then subsequently light the person on fire
I zinned the girl so bad she went to the hospital
Some guy tried to zin me but I counterzinned him and he never showed his scarred face again.
by Hoffmeister November 24, 2004
a nub that has a very large and ugly nose. They eat galilta fish and pronounces words with a long A sound. They have a nasal voice, obviously.
"omg look at that ugly zin."

"thats a huge zin nose."

"u've got a zin dot on your face."

"i just saw a zin walk by."

"zin sux."

by Dr. Pwn May 13, 2003
The Zins is the destined name for the decade comprised of the years 2000 through 2009. The name is derived from the long form 'The Two Thousands', which could be pronounced in a more modern dialect as 'The Two Thouzins', and then shortened to the ever infectious 'The Zins'. When compared to other popular names 'The Aughts' and 'The O-O's' in a slides-off-the-tounge competition, there's really no contest.
"Man, the zins where a cruddy decade for pop culture!"
"I can't wait for the zins to be over so we can get Will Smith back."
by Salseezchalsa February 12, 2010

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