Common name for mildly retarded androgynous gimps that escape the humiliation of constant Trivial Pursuit defeats by frequenting gay bath houses in search of “stankhole.” Generally recognizable by their large misshapen foreheads, receding hairlines, and can of Busch Light held tightly in one hand. Can be dangerous if cornered, and normally never stray too far away from a steady source of DVD porn. Diet’s consist primarily of cheddar cheese, summer sausage, and midget cock.
Look at that idiot gag on that beer, the stupid Zink.
by Daisy March 13, 2003
Top Definition
the fingering god
brad zink
by yeh January 24, 2004
verb: to change the music, sometimes in mid-song, when one is a guest at a dance party
Ben - "hey, who was that that changed the song?"
Sam - "oh, Jeff totally zinked it, I saw him over at my computer a second ago"
Jeff - "sorry guys I just have to get my dance on"
by Dave Bowie January 06, 2007
Zero Income No Kids
The days of being a DINK are gone, two lost jobs so now we're a ZINK. Good think we don't have kids.
by Stoolie January 02, 2014
woman hater, woman-hating
from T.M. Zink, a woman-hating weirdo who had his estate put in trust for 75 years, and the funds used to create a men-only library.
Do you think it's zink that he made her buy the condoms?
by Margo Channing January 12, 2011
A large ass (donkey) has a locality of the downtown district, one who also drinks to oblivion.

verb, noun, pronoun, adjective
God, Ryan was being suck a Zink last night.

It wreaks of Zink in this room.

I was so Zinked last night.

the sink,washbowl, or facebowl
Go get them dishes out the zink!
Make sure you clean out that zink when
you're done brushing yo teef!!!
by kim g. July 27, 2005
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