Zinc is the 30th element on the periodic table. It is a shiny, silver metal that is not very malleabel or ductile. it is commonly used in the manufacture of US pennies. (after the rise in the price of in copper 1983 to more than one cent per penny, the US government experimented with aluminum and steel, finally deciding on Copper-plated Zinc)

Zinc can be easily melted down in your backyard using nothing more than a steel cupcake pan, a few pennies, and a propane torch. all this usually costs 20 bucks and some cents. 5 for the cupcake pan, 15 for the torch and fuel kit from sears, and some pennies. although it takes a while, you can make virtually anything out of it using the process of lost wax casting. you simply get some paraffin wax, heat it up, mash it into the shape you want, with a lead coming off of it, put it in some plaster of paris with the lead sticking out a bit, melt the wax out, pour the metal in, break off the plaster and you have a sculpture!

Aside from being an essential nutrient (first sign of zinc deficiency: your sense of smell goes), zinc is very widely used as an anti-corrosion plating for things make of iron. Contrary to popular belief, zinc plated objects are not intended or expected to last indefinitely. Zinc also oxidizes, just more slowly than iron, and the lifetime of a zinc plated ("galvanized") item is determined by how thick the zinc plating is.
Zinc=Post-1983 Pennies
by Theodore W. Gray July 04, 2005
Top Definition
what happens when you can't zwim.
In chemistry, it'z either zinc or zwim
by MrWizard August 09, 2005
Another word for semen, because of its abundance of zinc.
Robert: "I'm about to release my zinc!"
Jing: "Oh yeah baby, give me those minerals."
by lol yah May 12, 2016
Someone or something that is hot/ace but often overlooked.
Fusto: "That Chloe is properly Zinc, I've not really noticed her before."

Mario: "I've now realised those green shells are actually a godsend! What a zinc byproduct of killing turtles!
by Eggers07 November 27, 2007
a three-front-man band, when their talent is combined, you get some awesome music, vocals, harmonies and amazing lyrics. also involved being incredibly sweet, funny and adorable
Mark, jono and Adam make up ZINC
by Zinc fan June 04, 2005
Sink. Perhaps Baltimore regionalism
The dirty dishes are in the zinc.
by fotaq April 21, 2006
Short for Zincite. A crystal with many terminations and color variation. It is also sometimes UV reactive.
kidd:Hey Kidd how much for that sweet Zinc.
Super hedie Shakedown douch: 60 Bucks.
Kidd: Thats whack.
by lotkidd April 29, 2009
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