Top Definition
the entagled pubic hair found stuck on the shower walls
i got in the shower after that guy and there were zielkies stuck all over the place.

dude, make sure you clean off the zielke in the shower.
#pubic hair #vagina #penis #scrotum #balls
by prankster757 June 09, 2009
Can be derived to have 2 meanings...

1. To imply utter filth or dirtiness in respect to someone or something

2. A sexual predator, who openly expresses his compulsive sexual needs and and thoughts
1. Man, Anthony is such a zielke! he uses the same tissues he blows his nose with to wipe his arse
2. Shit man i rekon he is boderin on zielke, that guy can't stop watchin them porno's
#filth #dirty #predator #compulsive #sexual
by Purple Smoker June 13, 2010
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