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1) A person who is uber italian
2) A person who has the patience of a shark surrounded by blood-dripping carcuses
3) A person who is uber italian
4) A person who is loved by women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders
5) A person who curses excessively, to the point where he cannot be taken seriously
1) It's a-me, Zenobio!!!!
2) "Dammnnn man, this line for the movies is so long!!"
"Don't be such a Zenobio, dude!!"
3) Mario, Luigi, Raphael, Luciano, Marcello, Zenobio, Gianno, Giovanni
4) "Dammnn man, look at all the babes flocking around him; he must be a Zenobio!!"
"Don't be such a Zenobio, dude!!"
by dopeMastafly February 27, 2008
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