The art of making something yourself to achieve a higher quality than would otherwise be expected.
Guy 1: I'll feel like pasta tonight, I'll go get some ragu from the shop.
Guy 2: No need, we have some tomatoes, let's do a Zen and make it ourselves.
by Timmeeh May 26, 2005
A word that was butchered by a band called Bush in their song, "Everything Zen" and now nobody knows what it means.
Try to see it once my way... Everything zen, everything zen, I don't think so.
by Beastiezekiel August 21, 2005
zen, often achieved through smokin' pot. Great feeling of serenity and peace. Without a doubt the best way to live life.
Sat on the couch with my pipe and a smoke in the ash tray. A trippy show flashed in the backround on the TV. Alone with my thoughts. Truely zen.
by blizz April 17, 2003
A pretty damn cool guy.
Dude you are sooo like Zen!
by strongbad August 14, 2004
A crazy person who uses the word goon and has dreams about there next door neighbours burning.
"Hey goon"
"i had a crazy dream last night about grasslaugh and snider burning"
"was it goon?"
by The goon master January 31, 2004
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