A female version of a dragon. See also: pussy
Men have dragons, while women have zeldas
by indianoladragonlover April 28, 2008
an annoying girl that looks like an elf and has big ears.
"Did you see her at that party last night?"
"Yeah Zelda was there"
by buttercup678 July 23, 2008
ISRAELI armored personal carrier
Zelda with 10 soldiers was rideing in the Negev sands
by dor ribak March 17, 2005
Obviously one of the worst games ever made. The princess you are risking your f***ing life to save won't even give you a damn blowjob for he rescue. Link should have given her a black panther and then raped the shit out of her. ENOUGH SAID!!
Zelda was bad.
by Tobias38 January 11, 2010
a name some crazy person once called me because he thought i looked like zelda from the legoned of zelda
hey zelda! whats up?
by leah April 11, 2005
Character from the Gerry Anderson series, "Terrahawks". She is an alien that looks like Margeret Thatcher with acid burns and rod stewarts hair.
She is Horrifying, and a source of countless bedwettings.
ME: "I will watch Terrahawks!"


ME: "AAAAAARRRGGHHH! Zelda gonna get me!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"
by Skeletal Munchkin February 12, 2005
A dumb Ho who just likes to have guys chase after her cuz she thinks she's the shit... like a princess. The origin of the word comes from the nintendo game 'the legend of zelda' where this dude link does some wild shit to save the princess and gets rewarded with a really shitty ending and basically risked it all for nothing.
I don't give a shit about that Ho she's just a dick teasin' Zelda.
by McFreezy February 14, 2005

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