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one who is evil inside and out, is prone to wear zebra and look like a dinosaur with huge nostrils. nbd stay away from these dangerous creatures.
some girls can be defined as a zebraslut. study their swagger and their outfit.
by smartinformer September 16, 2009
1. a psychotic, over-possessive girlfriend
2. accessorizes with zebra print in an obnoxious way; dressing tacky
3. a tacky whore who spreads her legs for anything & posts boobalicious pictures on facebook
4. a fire-breathing dragon of a girl
1. his girlfriend is such a zebraslut; he can't even talk to another girl without her breaking up with him.
2. zebra print skinny jeans, purse, and headband? what a zebraslut!
3. boy 1: did you get a copy of the pictures that she sent around last night?
boy 2: obviously, she's a zebraslut; the whole school got them!
4. get that zebraslut in an insane asylum.
by suckitbiaaatch September 18, 2009