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When a drunk, married or otherwise taken female is lured away from her friends by some hyena like men who prey on wounded zebras, the ladies must go out in a group to hunt her down, ward off the hyenas, and bring her back to the safety of the herd.
We went out for Jill's birthday party and she got so drunk that we had to do a lot of zebra hunting!
#zebra #wounded zebra #drunk #women #hunting
by japner July 18, 2009
Zebra Hunting is when lazy BLACK MEN go on the prowl for WHITE WOMEN so they'll have a place to live,vehicle,and money to spend on there mate's best friends.
Hey Mike,what you about to get into? Man I'm going ZEBRA HUNTING tonight at the club,my money getting low plus I need some brain.
#atm machine #scouting #snow bunny #prowler #thirsty
by msweezie March 13, 2010
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