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1) When one pulls a zebalaba. (verb)

2) The process in which one watches another in an activity, such as kissing, sex, video games, anything.. (verb)

3) The act of watching. (verb)

4) A watchful person. (adj.)
Dude 1: Yo this dude is always pullin a zebalaba.

Dude 2: I kno man. its not even funny no more. he was watchin me last nite.

Dude 1: Wat u say?

Dude 2: I sed fuck off man..

Dude 1: Sweet

Dude 2: Totally man.. Rock On..

Dude 1) He wont be pullin a zebalaba for a while.
he just did the zebalaba, what cool muffucker
by Zebant9 March 06, 2010
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