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to uncontrolably love
I will zayas you forever. You have the key to my heart.
by true colors February 27, 2010
22 10
is a 10/10 girl. in other words a perfect girl. the word is mostly widely used in british slang.
i've found my zaya
zaya is all i've ever wanted
by hotlipz June 08, 2007
1159 95
Zaya is a MONGOLIAN word, means Destiny and/or Fate...
Mostly given to girls, and rarely given to guys.

There's only one male name that I can recall, is Bat-zaya...It means no damages in fate, or strong in destiny.

It is nothing to do with description given by other people.
zaya, batzaya, zolzaya, enkhzaya, zayahishig, delgerzaya, zayatavilan, zayaka,
by Nonan February 23, 2010
364 69
A 'Zaya' is a word used to describe sexy, horny lesbians who consume large amount of alcohol and cocaine. A 'Zaya's' nearest relative is an 'Abbie' or an 'Abigail'.
"Omg that girl over there is sniffing lines off of naked girls bodys!!"
"she must me a Zaya then"
by TWATFACE[21] June 14, 2007
171 96
a beautiful, extremely intelligent girl of asian origin. girl asian perfect hottie funny smart
I would marry Zaya in a heartbeat.
by neverscared June 01, 2007
94 43
to be standoffish, away, with a guard up
she was zayas as the guy she very much longed for approached her. she wouldnt open up.
by syrupy February 28, 2010
8 9