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A Russian term for a period of time encompassed by drinking. A zapoi can be defined by the first action upon waking up- drinking. A proper zapoi lasts at least a week.
I need a zapoi to calm down.
by Lev2010 December 28, 2010
Binge drinking: Russian style.
- Drink until you pass out.
Are you guys ready to zapoi?!
by JonBanx August 27, 2005
When one withdraws from society to drink excessively. Typically one will initiate a zapoi following a mental breakdown. Setting up a zapoi requires several steps
1. Turn off all of your lights and board up your windows
2. Consume cheap vodka and or drugs
Example 1:
Me, "My girlfriend just made me watch a broadway play with her parents."
My friend "Jesus you need a zapoi."

Example 2
Me "Jesus Christ I just walked in on Tommy gnawing on a cold hot pocket and sipping vodka on his bathroom floor."
Friend "Just let him be, he's having a zapoi."
by BuddDwyer6 October 28, 2014
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