An island nation that everybody on this website disrespects by calling it "that place from the Tenacious D song"
"Now, children, can you locate zanzibar?"
by Kennon June 05, 2005
A meal replacement bar that, judging by the taste, is made from a little piece of the place that takes the same name.
What is that?! it tastes like dirt and vitamins!

it's my new zanzi-BAR! get it lol it has BAR in the name because it's a BAR!!
by Cruller May 27, 2005
Shit night club for townies (assholes) in Newport South Wales
Zanzibar, a meeting place for cunts
by Wolf March 26, 2003
A place in your mind where you get to kill all of your best friends.
Hey you shit bird mother fucker Im gonna kill you in Zanzibar.
by dan baker February 18, 2005
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