a good mulit-player map for the xbox game halo two.
we got our ass's handed to us on zanzibar
by maximus April 11, 2005
A term, generally used to tell a friend when you see someone you wanna f**k.
Dude, Zanzibar! (points to hot girl)
by th3m1k3y October 28, 2009
A nationwide chain of nightclubs, playing dodgy eighties cheese music. Full of a strange mix of mutton dressed as lamb and 15 year olds on their first ever night out, with no one in between.
Person 1: It's my 50th birthday party tonight.
Person 2: Great, let's all go to Zanzibar and pretend we still have it.
by Jon Fox January 19, 2005
A place where things happen that no one can explain. Ghost pirates and shit.
It was Zanzibar up in that place. Chills up my spine.
by Zahn-zih-Bar May 01, 2003
location in the song "fuck her gently" by tenatious d
"... I'll order it from Zanzibar!"
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
A place where men called Jimmy go to give oral pleasure to black men under palm trees in Zanzibar.
Jimmy sucks cock in Zanzibar
by Noel Zanzibar January 16, 2008
another word for joint or zoot
Oi set me that zanzibar cuz
by DEFT08 July 10, 2008

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