Alprazolam. More commonly known as Xanax. A short acting benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety.
Don't ya just love wakin up in the morning after droppin a few zannys and having no idea what happened for the past 12 hours?
by TheRealOxagast December 10, 2006
Top Definition
xanax, a prescription drug used to help symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. Now days, I think it is more abused than it is taken for panic disorders. It is taken as a pill or crushed and snorted and is often referred to as "zannie bars."
"Dude, I just took 2 zannies at the end of third period and I'm so messed up."
by Janer May 14, 2006
Beautiful soul, interesting, musical, intelligent and caring.
Very shy, quiet and insecure.
The most amazing friend you will ever have.

Though absolutely stunning, she doesn't think she is at all.
Likes to see the world through a camera lens.
She's the most incredible person you will ever meet.
Zanny's are rare and special. If you meet one, don't let her go.
"Hey what is that girl's name?"
"She is gorgeous!"
"I know!"
by Kass93 February 13, 2013
the funnest most crazy person you will ever meet
"wow i was so crazy i acted like zanny"
by crazy gummy bear November 08, 2014
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