i. Zambrero Fresh Mex
ii. Flabbergasting, marvellous, very very tasty.
iii. A mispronunciation of the 1990's tv program, "A-mazing'
"What's that you are eating?"
"A chicken burrito."
"Looks amazing."
"Lol... Zamazing."
by Kicking Goals & Banging Gongs September 05, 2012
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A sarcastic way to say amazing. Coined by the poster "eet_and_ern" on the Liquid Lurker forums.
"D00D i rul teh internets"

"Zamazing :|"
by Kris Knudson March 28, 2006
1.) The state of being REALLY totally off the charts amazing
2.) may be the short form of z0mg or amazing
3.) a word that combines all exclamations
A parrot speaks: "Hello!"
A parrot says: "Yo, dawgs, whatcha doing round these parts?" in a rap tune.
by CaJoo April 04, 2010
1. Describing an action, which has some foolhardy quality to it. Doing an action that generally backfires and has sexual connotations to it. Something stupid, yet entertaining.
2. An exclamation, that which expresses an emotion of excitement. Contraction of "ZOMG, that's amazing!". Something incredible.
3. So amazing, it's terrible.
1. That kid did something zamazing; he tried to eat an eight-inch cucumber in one gulp and choked to death on it.

2. Zamazing!
by Zamazing June 12, 2007

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