Word used to describe the chillest kid in the league.
"He must be a Zaino, chillest kid in the fuckin league."
by The Black Milk Man March 31, 2010
Top Definition
Zaino car polishes, cleaners and protectants are technologically advanced products specially engineered for show cars. They make the best shit that fucking rules if you want to make your car look money.
Dude With Camaro: Yo i bought this bomb shit at the car show called zaino, thats why my car looks cool.
Ricer: Oh i just use armor-all
Dude With Camaro: Get your jib whips and go the fuck back to newark with your illigitamate children
Ricer: Im sorry. I'll go get a primed hood that i won't paint for 8 years.
by zainoman May 25, 2007
No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks.
Person 1: "Yo I got some bomb bud"
Person 2: "Yeahhh get that Zaino at me playaa"
by Chillest Kid in the League April 21, 2010
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