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a wise and zany person. usually looked up to and looks out for others at times. mostly laid back but is legendary for his rambunctious craziness and words. this person may seem odd, bizarre, and sort of the lone ranger type but deep within the intellectual wits of the zaffo psyche lies mysterious conundrums and secrets which no other human being BUT a zaffo can hold. there is but one zaffo in this universe. wannabes will be fined, prosecuted, and thrown deep within the combustible gates of H E double hockey sticks.
zaffo: "..beware the siamese gun"
dude #1 : "dude, zaffo's the man"
dude #2 : "the man is zaffo"
random dude : "zaffo sucks, dude"
dude #1,#2 : "....."
beats the fuck out of random dude for blasphemy
zaffo : nods.... spits a few words of wisdom out then later buys everyone a round of beers on him
by thepinktarantula December 02, 2004
Zaffo... wtf is zaffo, sounds like a form of fungitudinal mossitious puss that grows on your eyelids, or is that scake...
j' dude, wtf is zaffo
j' mmmm
dude 2 pokes insestuiously at dude 1
dude 1' oi man stop that shit, ur crazy
dude 2' nah man its worth your while
j' wtf has this to do with zaffo ?
by J April 01, 2005
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