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A member of the band Paramore, and an amazing Drummer. He is the youngest person in the band, at 17 years old. His brother is also in the band; Josh Farro, the guitarist. Paramore is the best band ever, actually.
"Did you see Zac Farro playing Hallelujah? That's the best song by Paramore."

"Um, duh, son."
by Batman 831 February 11, 2008
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The drummer of Paramore as well as the hottest man on the face of the earth. The youngest and most attractive member of Paramore. He is an incredible musician with a perfect balance of looks and humor and talent.
-Did you see the new Paramore video?
-Yeah, Zac Farro was so hot in it.
-I know! He's like a little teddy bear!
by woahohyeah June 08, 2010
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