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A way to talk in which the person speaking uses z's at the end or middle of words. Also one may throw z's and z words into the middle of any conversation. Spoken mainly by the equestrian staff in Mountaintop Pa, and Cajuns down south.
"Yo, Jill hand me those shoezzzz"

"Hello, Zip,Zop, beep bop, i gotszzz two ticketszzz to the Lakerszzz game."

"Them some nice hedgeclipperszzz"

"Dude doesn't Bill Cosby speak z-bonics"
by Dino321 May 16, 2008
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The language you speak when sitting sideways on massive quantities of xanax, or more commonly z bombs.
Sasquatch: Hey eben are you sure you can eat all those z bombs and still communicate?

Eben: Don't worry trick, i been practicin my z bonics since the third grade.
by the real dicky pringle January 27, 2010
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A girl that speaks in Ebonics or Ebony Phonics
"The girl I was talking to last night talked in z bonics...funny thing was that she was white...."
by Jotomexican December 23, 2007
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